Gillan to Fowey

Friday 24th May

This weekend was the annual SSOA Fowey Rally and 15 Sadler and Starlight yachts were expected to turn up. As we don’t like getting up early we stayed aboard on Thursday night to get away for the tide stream at 0800hrs.

We cast off the mooring at 0830hrs and motored out into Falmouth Bay thinking there wasn’t much wind having only set the main but we were leaving the shelter and we soon stopped the engine and set the genoa as will. The forecast was NW3 gusting 4 but seemed to be a steady NW force 4 and we were soon logging a steady 6.3kts SOG across the bay. Then getting into the shelter off The Roseland the wind eased and our speed dropped to 3-4kts.

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The sea was almost flat and Elektra seemed to skim over the surface without much effort, once past the Roseland the wind picked up again and so our speed, we covered the 16nm to Yaw Rock in 3hrs, after that the wind died away a little and we took  2 more hours to cover the next 8nm but we were able to sail right into the entrance of Fowey Harbour before starting the engine.

When we arrived there were already two Sadler 26s there. Though the rest of Friday and by the end of Saturday the total had gone up to 18 yachts. including S25, 5xS26s, 3xS29s 2xS34s, 4xSL35s, SL39 and a Moody 31. around 40 members went for a meal in Fowey that evening.


P.S. Posting videos on this blog has its problems, once posted the site dose not let the user know the video has been posted! What’s more the user can not delete video again after its been posted without deleting the whole post, that’s why there are 3 clips on this post of the same thing.

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