Fowey to Gillan

Monday 27th May


After a lovely weekend in Fowey talking with all the other Sadler and Starlight owners and crew it was time to leave and get back to work. A few had left on Sunday but the headwind looked less for us on Monday. The forecast was for the northwest force 4 to pick up and backing to west by midday, the tide stream for what it was worth (neaps) was with us from 0330-0930 so we had decided to try to leave around 0530hrs.

We cast off at 0545hrs just after Dean in his S29 who was heading east for Salcombe. It was a lovely sail for us south-west to the Dodman Point but the wind was on the nose from there so we motor-sailed, it was very cold and I had wrapped up in full waterproofs and Vicki sat next to the engine at the chart table keeping warm. As we neared the Roseland I decided to close in on St Anthony Lt so it would allow us to sail across Falmouth Bay on a better angle to the wind.

This we did and then set sail across the bay with a reefed main and only about a 3rd of the genoa out, healing a little bit more than I would have liked but handling it well, the wind was WNW 22-25kts and Elektra was sailing at over 6kts SOG. As we got into the shelter of the Dennis Head we started the engine turned into wind we rolled and lowered the sails, motoring into Gillan and picking up the mooring at 1045hrs.


Once back on the mooring we had a few jobs to do and it was nearly 1400hrs before we were ready to go ashore.


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