Little or no wind!

Saturday 1st June

After a hard week catching up with work after taking bank holiday Monday off, the earliest we could get out to Elektra again was Saturday. The tide was falling and we needed to leave St Anthony beach before 0830hrs, so we decided on breakfast aboard.

This video doesn’t exist


Today was the start of the AZAB race from Falmouth and we thought we would go and watch the start but there seemed very little wind! We motored Elektra out of Gillan and set all the sail with 2-3kts of wind we were logging 1.5-2kts SOG, we might have continued to try to sail but after 1.25hrs we had logged just 2nm and when I looked at the chart-plotter we were going backwards! That was enough of that, I started the engine and we motored back to our mooring having logged 2.5nm.


There we sat for the rest of the day enjoying the sunshine and our surroundings. I played with my new camera, filming yachts and dinghies as they came and went. The forecast for Sunday was wet so at around 1700hrs we came ashore and went home.

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