Which way is the is the wind blowing now?

Sunday 9th June

There was no hurry to get back to Gillan as the tide wasn’t going to be high enough to get in until 1900hrs, just as well after a busy week at work we both slept in until 1030hrs! Its only when aboard I can truly relax, if we stay home there is always work of repair jobs on machinery to do.

Vicki cooked breakfast and we sat and enjoyed until it was time for me to do the washing up, after that was done we sat and read for a bit, time to leave seemed to come round all to quickly. Just before leaving Jake came over in his Hurley 22 to say hello, I had taken a few photos of his H22 a few weeks earlier, the suggestion was to sail together for sailing photos.




At 1430hrs I lifted the anchor, up with it came a plastic fish box and a pile of seaweed, which took a bit of clearing before motoring down the river. Once out off St Mawes I set the main and a reefed genoa on a port tack, the wind seemed to be south-southeast force4 which gave us quite a good line towards Helford River. Jake had a head start but Elektra was faster so was catching up quickly, I unrolled all our genoa and Elektra’s SOG was 5.5kts. As we got closer I got the camera out and stared shooting. We slowly passed Jake and sailed off leaving him behind.


About 1.5nm south of Pendennis Point the wind changed to southwest force3 and we changed onto a starboard tack, we were now heading south-southeast for another 1.5nm. When the wind changed again to a northerly force3-4 and we could sail on a broad reach into Gillan. We moored up at 1600hrs having logged 7nm in 1.5hrs. There we stayed with the tide out, had a late lunch and sat in the sunshine until we could go ashore at 1900hrs.


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