Scilly plans!


Green Bay, Bryher, June 2018

We always like to go to The Isles of Scilly sometime but with my work I look for a dry time when the grass has slowed up a bit. Normally there is a spring flush in April and May and by June the grass is slowing, we normally try to go to Scilly between 1st June and back by 10th of July for a 7-9 days max.

But the spring flush hadn’t happened this year because either it was to dry or to cold to grow or both. Also the weather hadn’t settled down into summer mode with strong winds always in the forecasts.

I started looking for the weather to go at the beginning of June but always southwest wind, then on the 4th June heavy rain, just what we didn’t need, more heavy rain on the 7th and the grass was kicked into action again! I thought if we could go soon then maybe I could catch up with work after getting back. On the 11th they were forecasting northerly gale, but on Wednesday 12th dropping back to force 4, this looked like our opportunity. Vicki needed a go or no go by 2200hrs on the 10th for the shopping to be arranged, so I looked at the forecast again at 2100hrs. Now they were saying northerly force 4-5 which wouldn’t have been very good west of Lands End after a gale the day before, so at that point we cancelled the idea, along with it our only chance of getting out to Scilly this sailing season.

In the end I think it would have been ok on the 12th but we would have had to return to the mainland on the 17th. With our chance of Scilly gone for this season, we will be looking for a long weekend locally instead of our holiday when the weather improves.

WP_20180624_07_47_09_ProPorth Conger, St Agnes, June 2018

We had another thought of going on Friday 28th June, the weekend before it looked like the east wind was going ease in the early hours of Friday but as the week went on the wind was set to continue until the evening. So in the end Vicki and I decided to avoid the stress of thinking about Scilly and go east on Saturday instead.

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