Restronguet Creek to Gillan


After staying put on Sunday because we didn’t want to punch back to windward in the forecasted southwest force 6 gusting 7. Our planned time to leave was 1400hrs just 1.25hrs after low water, as it happened we were grounded at low water. motoring out from Restronguet Creek was very shallow with only 0.5m under the keel, once out to the channel I set reefed main and reefed genoa for the forecasted south-southwest 5. it was slow going against the wind and the incoming tide.


The tack at St Anthony light was the 9th and only by pinching a bit a wind did we manage to just sail south of Pendennis point into Falmouth Bay, the next tack was just off Falmouth Beach. As we headed southeast into Falmouth Bay I knew we didn’t want to sail across the entrance to Carrick Roads again with the in coming tide so waiting for the bunkering tanker to drop anchor we quickly tacked again which took us over to Maenporth Beach. The next tack was better once past Rosemullion Head the incoming tide into Helford River helped our line, we got into Gillan and picked up our mooring 1730hrs having logged 15nm.

Next we needed to take Elektra in onto St Anthony Beach for the tem-plating of the cockpit encloser on Tuesday, with another yacht already there this made it more difficult with the wind pushing Elektra towards her. We needed to use the same stern mooring and run a line ashore, having run a aft line things were not looking to good as I went ashore with the fore line, Elektra was getting very close, Vicki had gone on deck to fend off as I jumped off the punt into 3ft of water with line in hand. From dry land I was able to pull Elektra clear and make line off to a tree. Both Vicki were fit to drop by the time we got home that evening.


Tuesday evening I motored Elektra up into Carne Creek onto a mooring because of a forecast for east wind next weekend along with the need to get on with outstanding work.

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