A chance of a week aboard

Friday 28th June

We had a few jobs to do before we could get away but high water was at around 1400hrs and once Elektra was floating we would only have a hour to get her out of Carne Creek but Gillan would be no place to stay in the end of a easterly gale. We had decided we would sail across Falmouth Bay to the Precuil River. Knowing the sea would be big I decided to take the high road from home to St Anthony which overlooked the Helford River and Falmouth Bay so we could look at the sea first.


Vicki and I were glad we did as Falmouth Bay was full of white horses and August Rock was white from rock to shore, we did fancy going out there! We decided to load Elektra as planned and stay aboard overnight and until Saturday’s high water when we expected her to float at 1430hrs, we would then motor out to our mooring in Gillan and attach our punt before sailing to Fowey.

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