Gillan to Fowey

Saturday 29th June

The forecast of west wind at the beginning of the week and east wind for later in the week we had decided to go east instead of Scilly this season.

With a forecast of north westerly 3-4 the plan was to get away as earlier as possible as the tidal stream would be with us from 1300-1900hrs.

At 1345hrs Elektra floated and we lifted the anchor and motored out of the creek to our mooring and attached our tender before dropping again and motoring out of Gillan at 1410hrs. I set full sail and we were soon logging over 6kts, we covered 6.5nm over the first hour. Our speed slowed as we sailed past the Roseland but after 2hrs we had logged  11.5nm. Just 2.5hrs after dropping our mooring we got to our waypoint off the Dodman Point having logged 15nm. Then the wind picked up to north-east 5-6 and Elektra started rounding up at which point I reefed the main and the genoa but we were still logging over 6kts across St Austell Bay, we past Cannis Buoy just 4hrs after leaving Gillan having logged 22.5nm. Sailing right into Fowey entrance before furling the sails. What a great sail.

This video doesn’t exist

At Fowey entrance we met a sailing friend Colin in his Sadler 26 who had sailed from Plymouth. In Fowey the mooring were full and in the end we had to raft to different yachts so never had chance to chat.

I pumped up our roll-up and we went ashore for an evening meal.

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