Fowey to Cawsands

Sunday 30th June

The tide stream wasn’t with us until 1345hrs for the 20nm passage east to Cawsands, so no need to rush away in the morning, we were trying to get into holiday mood. We might have slept in but the yacht we were rafted to left early in the morning, they were trying to be quite but made just enough sound to wake us, I got out as once awake I cant lie in bed so made coffee and went on my lap-top until Vicki got out.

Vicki cooked breakfast and we went ashore for showers and a pint at the sailing club, we might have stopped for lunch but after breakfast didn’t need it.

Back aboard Elektra we got her ready to leave, stowing the outboard on the pushpit, the dinghy we left on the foredeck and we cast off at 1415hrs. It wasn’t until we were motoring out of Fowey that I thought the harbour master hadn’t been around for any money, to late now!

This would be a downwind sail and I didn’t fancy goose winging 20nm so set just the genoa (a big sail on a Sadler 29 with a masthead rig). We were logging around 4kts on this lovely sunny day. I had been in contact with Katie and Derek on there Sadler 26 also in Fowey, they agreed to meet up with us in Cawsands but had decided to sail out to the Eddystone lighthouse and back in. We sailed on and after 3hrs had logged 12nm and were keeping 2 bigger yachts which were goose winged behind us, I think we might of continued to but both gave up sailing and started motoring. We sailed on for a while but I think its a GPS curse to be told your ETA, you start thinking about dinner time and its not long before the engine is started to get you there a little bit earlier! We motored the last 3nm to Rame Point and on into Cawsands dropping anchor at 1840hrs having logged 20nm in 4.5hrs.

About an hour later Katie and Derek arrived and dropped anchor, after we had all eaten they came over for nice evening with company aboard. They told us there hadn’t been any wind offshore, they had had to motor most of the passage and had given up before getting to the Eddystone because of the roll. Our plan was to go into the Avon River the next day but K and D were heading for Salcombe or Dartmouth.

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