Cawsands to Salcombe via River Avon

Monday 1st June

A place we had always liked the sound of but not visited because our last yacht had a fin keel was the River Avon in Bigbury Bay. Its a sandy drying river with fast flowing tides, we wanted to try getting in there this holiday. The pilot book suggests anchoring off at low water and going in via dinghy to look at the channel.

To get there for low water meant going against the tidal stream which would be running our way up to 0820hrs. We picked up our anchor and headed out of Cawsands at 0815hrs, the forecast was north-westerly 4. The stream didn’t seem to make any odds as we were still able to log 4kts SOG. Arriving off the River Avon entrance at 1130hrs having logged 13nm the northwest wind had seemed to have kicked up quite a swell and it didn’t seem like a good idea to anchor off the river, we decided not to stay and motored to Salcombe for the night.

We dropped anchor in Storehole Bay on the west side of the entrance but being outside the harbour speed limit meant we had speed boats speeding in and out of the bay so after Vicki had woken from her kip we moved Elektra into Salcombe and anchored in Sunny Cove.


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