Fowey to Gillan

Sunday 7th July

The tide stream wasn’t with us until 1300hrs but we were looking to get back the St Anthony beach before 1400hrs because of not wanting to be late home with work to do tomorrow this meant going against the flow.


We dropped the mooring at 0730hrs and motored to Cannis Buoy before sailing, with the wind being NW2-3 our SOG soon slowed so we started the engine and motored. At 1030hrs I noticed a problem showing on the batteries monitor, showing overheating somewhere at which point we started sailing again. I stripped out the cover boards to get at the batteries but the ones I could reach were cold to touch, not sure what the problem was and not wanting to be late we started motoring again.


We picked up our mooring in Gillan at 1245hrs, with jobs to do and packing we got off Elektra and headed for the beach at 1400hrs so the tide had dropped to low to get the tender in all the way. I walked up the beach to get the trolly and after loading pulled the tender up to the edge of the slope before walking up to the car park to get the car.

Car loaded tender pulled up beach we headed for home after a lovely sailing holiday

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