Gillan to Restronguet Creek

Saturday 20th July

With my work still on a go slow, I got the chance to have another week away on Elektra. The weather forecast was changing all the time with strong winds in the week, in the end we decided to stay local and have some quality R&R aboard.

I had needed to top up the diesel, water and replacement gas before we could go so was up early to load pick-up and out from St Anthony in the heavy low in the water dinghy to Elektra to top the tanks. Back in with the empties and home, we live about 2 miles from St Anthony. We had planed to leave on the evening tide but it looked like we could go earlier if we got packed up quickly. We made back to St Anthony by 1200hrs which gave us plenty of time to get out and aboard before the tide went out. With no hurry now we stowed the stores and got ready to depart at ease. Once done we had a bit of lunch and sat in the sun for a while.


At 1620hrs we cast off, the forecast was west 4-5, I had reefed the main and set all the genoa. I think the wind was more like northwest 4 and steadily picked up as we crossed the bay, it was great to be out sailing again! We were logging over 6kts and as we neared Pendennis Point a bunkering tanker was also heading into Falmouth on the other side of Black Rock, thinking she would be crossing from east to west I eased the sails a bit to slow us down. The other yacht which was with us was having none of it and closed tight on the tankers stern as she headed for the docks. The wind was rounding us up across the entrance to Falmouth so I reefed the genoa which helped. Still logging 6kts tight on the wind going north up Carrick Roads, Elektra was in her grove and was passing other yachts which were motoring. Nearing Turnaware Point we tacked back towards Restronguet, nearing the entrance I stowed the sails and we motored slowly into the creek with the in coming tide and dropped anchor at 1750hrs having logged 9.5nm.


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