Precuil River to Gillan and home

Saturday 27th July

Having had a good bit of R&R with a little sailing mixed in, now work was looming and it was time to get back to the real world.

I lifted the anchor at 1305hrs and Vicki motored Elektra slowly out of the river and set all the sail to cross Falmouth Bay with a forecast of northwest 4. The wind turned out to be a little stronger and the gusts a little to much with all the sail up but Vicki held her nerve at the helm and we sped across the bay with Elektra on her ear at times. It was all over all to quick and we picked up our mooring at 1420hrs having logged 6.5nm.


Having had a week aboard we were both well rested, we had had a little sailing but only logged 45nm in total but the sailing in the main had been very good and we had not paid out for visitor moorings with the money saved we had meals ashore.


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