Precuil to Gillan, Gillan to Restronguet

Wednesday 24th July

After another rest day and with falling internet phone data left we decided to go home for showers and use the internet.

I lifted the anchor at 0840hrs and Vicki motored Elektra out of the river, I set all her sail and we headed south-southwest across Falmouth Bay in a south-easterly 3-4, we picked up our mooring at 1015hrs having logged 6.5nm Now high water we needed to get back home, do our jobs and back aboard before 1430hrs.

This was plenty of time and we cast off our mooring again at 1355hrs, it was nearly a dead run back across Falmouth Bay so I just set the genoa knowing that a mainsail as will would only take it’s wind. We were logging 5kts the other yachts heading towards Helford were well reefed being hard on the wind.


The passage back to Restronguet was quickly over having logged  7nm in 1.75hrs but the tide was out so we dropped anchor with 0.5m under the keel until there was enough water to get into the creek. We had dinner before lifting our anchor and motoring into the creek at 2000hrs and dropping anchor again, having logged 14nm total.

The next day was for more R&R a overcast day and not very warm but I took some photos and we had a pub lunch at the Pandorra Inn.



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