Another Holiday Aboard

Friday 13th September

With some work needing to be finished and collection of items needed for going away I was up early, work finish I was home again by 1030hrs and unloaded the kit ready for the run around jobs collecting meat, pills, car battery, camping gas, pasties and deliver petrol for mums car. The pills ordered on the internet but order never turned up their end so had to be re-ordered.

Back home I showered and picked up the stores for our week away and headed for St Anthony, the time was now 1500hrs, I took Vicki and stores out to Elektra and left Vicki to stow before heading back ashore and drive to St Keverne for the pills, It was 1615hrs before I returned to Elektra. Then got her ready to set sail, dropping the mooring at 1640hrs, I set all the sail but it soon became clear there was no wind! At which point the engine was started and we motored across Falmouth Bay and up into the Precuil River arriving and anchoring at 1745hrs having logged 6.5nm.

It was a lovely evening and having done our chores having arrived we sat in the cockpit enjoying the sun with a can of drink, I went straight to sleep! It was only Vicki heading down into the cabin at sunset that woke me.


The plan for the week was to head for the Yealm River on Monday with the wind forecasted to go into the northwest and sail back to the Falmouth area on Thursday, a bit of sailing with R&R mixed in.

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