Precuil River to Yealm River??

Monday 16th September

After two days with no wind the forecast for Monday was northwest 3-4, Vicki and I had decided to sail to the Yealm River, the tide stream was early between 0500-1100hrs, on Sunday I when around and checked the nav lights, all were working except the steaming light, pondering on what to do, we decided to leave a little later.

I set the alarm for 0600hrs, it was nice to see the full moon light when I got out on deck, getting ready to leave I started the engine and switched on the nav lights, this time the steaming light decided to work! We picked up the anchor and Vicki motored “Elektra” slowly out of the river. I pulled up the mainsail as we turned into wind and motoring on until we could turn south out of St Mawes. Pulling out the genoa and stopping the engine we were logging 4.5kts south to St Anthony light house, I took the helm as we goose-winged south out into Falmouth Bay a little. Then we turned and set course for the Mew Stone off the Yealm River, quickly picking up speed to 6kts, we thought this is going to be a good passage.

This speed was short lived and we were soon slowed to less than 3kts having only covered 7nm, we were thinking we would have to motor all the way! At this point I decided to turn around and motor back to Falmouth, we hadn’t gone far before deciding to go to Fowey instead.

This video doesn’t exist

So turning around again and heading for the Dodman Point motoring on a calm sea, then we were treated to three pods of Common Dolphins, the 3rd pod were very playful and decided to ride our bow wave which was a first for us and we were delighted to see them. The Dolphins had picked up our mood and after rounding the Dodman Point the wind filled in again and we were able to sail into Fowey. We picked up a mooring in Fowey just before 1200hrs having logged 23nm.

We very quickly both went to sleep, waking again around 1530hrs, in the evening we went for showers and evening meal ashore.

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