Precuil River to Gillan after the easterly gale

Saturday 21st September

The gale hand picked up though Thursday night and where we were anchored although sheltered the wind was dumping into the river and Elektra was acting like a snake swinging all over the place which gave me a sleepless night. On Friday I went by dinghy over to the sailing club and walked into St Mawes for bread and milk . With the gale in full swing St Mawes harbour was full of white horses (and this was the sheltered side). Having got back to Elektra with the shopping we decided to move for better shelter, moving 1/2nm up the river into shallow water under a tree lined bank we found a spot where there wasn’t any wind at all! There in the afternoon I could sleep in the sunshine and enjoy being at anchor again!


The forecast for Saturday was the wind to ease though the day and go southerly on Sunday, we wanted to leave the easterly die away for getting Elektra back on her mooring in Gillan. We couldn’t get into St Anthony until 1830hrs so having enjoyed another day aboard in the sunshine we picked up the mooring at 1645hrs and motored out of the Precuil River, it was foggy, could see about 1.5nm there was very little wind so we motored though the remains our the easterly swell across Falmouth Bay and onto Elektra’s mooring picking it up at 1800hrs.

Looking at the forecast for the coming week, I expect that’s our last sailing for September, only three possible weekends left before Elektra will be laid up for the winter.

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