Gillan to Channels Creek

19th October

This was the first chance of a sail we had since the end of our holiday in September. We cast off the mooring in Gillan at 1215hrs with nearly no wind we were only logging 1.5-2kts SOG and I think this was tide pushing us east, we so decided it would be better to motor.


We motored about 1nm and then set the sails again, now making 3kts SOG in 6kts of wind. We were going to sail across the bows of a big container ship about a mile to the north, then the pilot boat was seen at her bow so we beared away a little to pass astern of her. Sailing in nearer we could see her anchor was up and she was starting to make way, she signalled she was turning to starboard, she continued to turn 180 degrees, as she did we tacked port to pass behind her before returning to our coarse.

Passing between Black Rock and Pendennis Point at 1330hrs having logged 4nm, we continued north at the same sort of speed, we tacked just north of St Just in Roseland and headed over to Mylor, we tacked again and headed for Turnaware Point. The wind died just before the Turnaware buoy, so we motored into Channels Creek at dropped anchor at 1500hrs having logged 9nm.


We then discovered the cabin heater wasn’t working! We also had very little water! The plan had been to stay aboard until Monday but without heat and water?

It wasn’t to bad that evening, after cooking the yacht warmed up and also hot food helped as will. We used a hot water bottle to warm the bed which hadn’t been used for a month.

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