Channels Creek to Gillan

20th October

I always sleep aboard a lot better than at home, I think its the only place I can truly relax and last night was the best sleep for a month I only woke at 1030rs to a lovely sunny morning.


We had been the only yacht there overnight but 2 more yachts had arrived in the morning. Vicki cooked brunch and we talked about leaving later that day, the deciding factor was the water running out before we could do the washing up! There was a problem with mooring up once back at Gillan. The wind was forecast to be NNE4-5 which would be affecting our mooring but we decided to go anyway.

We picked up our anchor at 1500hrs after having a nice day sunning ourselves in the cockpit. motoring out past Turnaware buoy I set just the genoa and stopped the engine. We were soon back, arriving Gillan at 1630hrs having logged 8.5nm, I had seen 6.7kts at one stage on the GPS.

We moored up quickly as possible and got off Elektra because she was bounding up and down so much. That was the last sail of the season but it had been a good one!


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