Engine sea trail

20th May 2020

After an easy day at work I was home early, I suggested to Vicki to move Elektra out to her seasonal swing mooring on the evening high water. Vicki was happy to do so and we set off down to St Anthony.

Out in the punt to Elektra, she was already floating, I decided to pick up my winter anchor and line and leave in the dinghy, the anchor had dug itself in very well but I did get the anchor to release in the end!

Motoring slowly out of the creek, though the narrows and out though Gillan Harbour to a swing mooring the boatyard said we could use. I picked up the mooring and attached punt before dropping again and we headed out into Helford River, trying the engine at differant speeds. There was almost no wind but we did let out the genoa for 10mins before deciding to motor up the Helford River.

Like Gillan there were almost no yachts on the moorings Helford River, very strange for the time of year but Boris had only just let us out to play! Motoring up though the empty moorings there were some yachts on the inner moorings. Then we spotted Gary a sailing friend who lives in Scilly, we motored over for a chat. Gary told us he was moving to the Falmouth area if he could get any of the pro’s to get on with doing some work. Gary had sailed his yacht over from Scilly and now has a mooring in Falmouth.

After our chat we turn Elektra around and headed back out of the river, it was getting chilly now so vicki sheltered behind the sprayhood as I took the helm and headed back to our mooring.

Picking up our mooring we had logged 6.5nm in 1.5hrs, the engine was working great, it well push Elektra along at a steady 6kts at 2,500 revs with plenty of spare power if needed.

Elektra is now ready to go sailing.

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