Our first sail of 2020

Sunday 24th May

With a good forecast Vicki and I had decided on a days sailing, with food and stores we were low in the water as we headed out in the punt to Elektra, our little 3.3hp 2 stroke just pushing the punt though the water.

Out at Elektra with Vicki aboard the stores quickly filled the cockpit, then for stowing them away and getting ready to sail. After that we had lunch before setting out for a sail.

Out in Falmouth Bay David our friend came by in his yacht and we managed to get some photos of each other. Sailing across the bay slowly we arrived off Black Rock and the wind died so we dropped sails and motored into the Precuil River and anchored.

It was a lovely day and I set about fitting the davitts, they worked ok but more work was needed to get them realy right.

We would have stopped the night but thats not allowed so later that evening we lifted the anchor and morored out of the river, sailing a little bit out passed St Mawes but out in the bay there was no wind so we started the engine again and motored back to Gillan.

There was a forecast of east wind for the coming week so we needed to take her back up Carne Creek, this time to be anchored as our friend David would be using his mooring for the east wind.

We had logged 13nm on our first days sailing/motoring.

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