The Precuil River

Saturday was a better day and the dinghy went into the water to take some photos, as Nigel Stokes was also anchored near by in his Sadler 26 “September Sky”, I rowed over to say hello. Nigel base has been Exmouth but he was moving her via Lands End to her new base in the Bristol Channel very close to Nigel’s home. After chatting a while Nigel and I rowed ashore in our own dinghys and took a walk up the side of the river.

Sunday 2nd August

With no hurry to get back to Gillan as it was an evening tide, more chatting with Nigel and swap of sailing mags.

At 1530hrs we lifted our anchor and motored slowly out of the Precuil River, with a forecast of west force3-4 I set all the main and a reefed genoa, I soon realised we had to much mainsail with Vicki at the helm, she was having a problem keeping the corse so I took over. At well over 6kts most of the time I was finding helming hard work, we should have stopped and put in a reef but with only the 4nm crossing we just carried on. We picked up the mooring at 1640hrs having logged 6.5nm.

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