First holiday since Christmas

I had been extra busy at work though the winter and when the lockdown had started for Covid 19 in the UK on the 23rd March I was just coming into my normally busy time at work. As my job cant wait I got on to my MP and was told I could continue to work as long as I stricly followed social disancing rules which was easy in my line of work. I am normally very busy though April and May but buy June or early July I am looking for a weeks holiday but this year staying away from home then wasnt allowed. Then from mid July until the end of August I normally need to be home for work. But I needed a holiday this year!

Friday 7th August

With some work still to do and Vicki having shopping delivery set for Saturday morning, it looked like our get away was going to be delayed! But before l went off to work l suggested staying aboard Friday night to get us in the holiday mood. Arriving home later after work Vicki had come around to the idea and we set off around 1700hrs carrying stores aboard, the weather was fantastic and l was overdressed with long trousers and sailing wells, once aboard l could change. After a very restful night aboard Elektra on her mooring we jumped back into the dinghy and headed back ashore.

Saturday 8th August

Vicki waited home for the shopping and l went to collect lunching trolley wheel from our local tyre garage. When l got back Vicki went for hot pasties from our local farm and l got on with cutting a ply sheet for under the fore berth. Things came together quite quickly and by lunch time we were heading back out to Elektra. We sat in the cockpit eating pasties in the sunshine before setting off.

We were heading for Mevagissey Bay which would be against the tide by the time we dropped the mooring but with plenty of wind. The forecast was for NNW3-4 but it soon became obvious l needed to reef the main with it gusting force 5. Crossing Falmouth Bay Elektra seldom dropped below 6kts SOG with Vicki on the helm, when l took a turn l thought her very heavy and decided to reef the genoa as well. Now a lot easier and still logging the same speed over ground, it was a great sail, we were both loving it. Off the Roseland the wind eased a little so we let the genoa out again keeping our speed up, in the first hour we logged 7nm and covered the 14nm to the Dodman Point in 2.5hrs. After rounding the Dodman the wind moved to a head wind so we motor sailed to Chaple Point before motoring north across Mevagissey Bay into Polwyn Cove just west of Black Head. We had used this cove lots of times but this was the first time we found other yachts anchored there. Finding a space we dropped anchor having logged 19.5nm in 4hrs.

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