Another Holiday!

After 3 weeks of work and no sailing l was looking for another holiday before the autumn flush of grass.

Friday 4th September

The plan was to go aboard on Friday and sail to Fowey. But by the time we had collected all our stores together and got aboard to stow them we knew the tidal stream would be running against us. Not to worry l said, it will only be a knot or so.

I pulled the main up on the mooring because Elektra was facing the wind and we cast off at 1215hrs, running the engine just to get out of Gillan, l set all the sail, this wasn’t going to be a fast passage to Fowey but at least we were sailing. After 1.5hrs having only logged 4.5nm l started the engine again! Motoring on at a steady 5kts SOG, after 3hrs the wind picked up and we were sailing again around the Dodman Point.

Vicki then said how about going into Gorran Haven for fish and chips? It was a quick decision to change direction and we were soon dropping anchor at 1600hrs off Gorran Haven. From back in 2018 we found their fish and chips, we think them the best!

Elektra at Gorran Haven

After a run ashore for the fish and chips an evening of scrabble with a bottle of red that followed Vicki and l were getting into the holiday mood.

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