Saturday 5th September

Our plan had been to sail early from Fowey to Salcombe today but being in Gorran Haven there didn’t seem to be much wind so we decided to head to Looe.

Gorran Haven

The wind did fill in later but by that time the tidal stream was running against us again, it wasn’t a worry because the wind was anywhere between 5kts and 21kts at one point during a squall, we sailed the whole passage on just the genoa, to little sometimes but plenty of sail during the squall. We covered the 16nm in 4.5hrs.

On arrival at Looe it was just after low water so we dropped anchor and waited for the tide.

Also anchored off was Jemima another yacht with loads of fenders attached, l lower the dinghy and rowed over for a chat.

Rob and Karen gave loads of useful advice for going into Looe, Rob was going in at half tide but we were going to have to wait a little longer due to Elektra’s deeper draft. I had been to Looe back in the 80s by road but things had changed, the old shower block had been knocked down and we ended up the wrong side of the river with the tide pushing us in at 2-3kts, two U turns later we arrived in the right spot to moor up. I think l know how Boris feels now!

Elektra in Looe
Where has all the water gone?

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