Portmellon to Gillan

Wednesday 9th September

Elektra anchored off Portmellon

After the bright lights of Looe we had a wonderful quiet dark night an anchor sleeping well into the morning. There was no rush to get away because the tide stream wasnt with us until 1330hrs. After eating brunch we weighted anchor at 1205hrs and motored out around Chaple Point before setting all the sail. At first there seemed little wind but got better towards the Dodman Point, then we lost the wind under the point and motored out the other side where the wind helped us along again. Slow at first but the wind picked up and then the wind was great, keeping our SOG up between 5-6kts right back across Falmouth Bay into Gillan, we droped anchor off Flushing Cove for the night at 1700hrs having logged 18nm. We put our cockpit encloser up and enjoyed the evening.

Flushing Cove

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