Looe to Portmellon

After a few nice days in Looe we had made friends with Rob and Karen, we invited them for drinks and a chat one evening and they in turn the next. It turned out we had been in the same anchorage out in Scilly at the same time back in 2018. It had been their first visit to Scilly and our fifth.

We had been informed by the Harbour Master that no rafting was allowed, so in the evening of the 7th went another small yacht arrived we told the skipper so. Not long after one of the Harbour staff came and asked us to raft as we were a group, which we were not! We had all been drinking and didn’t want to move, l said l was willing to let them raft to Elektra which is what happened in the end. In the morning the Harbour Master gave him a telling off for rafting! It would be good if the right hand knew what the left hand was doing!

Looe Harbour Entrance

Wednesday 8th September

We had decided to leave about 1130hrs, we would have said buy to Rob and Karen but the Harbour Master was on Elektra having a go at the other skipper at the time! Around 1000hrs shortly after Rob and Karen left another yacht came in, we explained about the rafting and they decided to moor to the wall ahead of us until we were ready to leave.

Working towards leaving, l left a line attached which we didn’t see until we had started to leave, there was a little bit of panic on my behalf but the tide was slow and with help of the other skipper all was well in the end! At 1100hrs we were free and heading for open sea.

Once out in the cove I set all sails and sailed out past the Cardinal Buoy off Looe Island, we were going to have to beat into the forecasted westerly force2-3, which seemed more like a south westerly, only after we tacked could we see for sure, Now heading due west at around 3kts. We continued a long the coast like this until we were north of Udder Rock and the wind died away so we started the engine at 1250hrs. We did consider going into Fowey but decided to find an anchorage instead, we looked at Polridmouth to the north east of Gribbin Head but decided in the south westerly wind wasnt very sheltered, motoring out again we past between Gribbin Head and Cannis Rock out into St Austell Bay. The wind was picking up again so let out the genoa and we sailed across the bay to Black Head. Our normal anchorage of Polgwyn Cove was looking very choppy so we motored south across Mevagissey Bay to Portmellon and dropped anchor for the night at 1515hrs having logged 19nm.

Elektra anchored in Portmellon

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