Gillan to Precuil River

After two weeks catching up with my work it looked like we could get away for another week aboard but the weather seemed to have other ideas! From mid week it was forecasted to get wet and windy. After thinking of heading up to Fowey we decided it would be better to stay close to home.

Saturday 26th September

The forecast was northerly force4-5, heading out of Gillan I had set a reefed main and all the genoa. it soon became clear I needed to reef the genoa as well! Out in Falmouth Bay we found the wind to be east-northeast force 5 gusting 6 at times! One of those sails when you think should we really be out here? But Elektra was in her groove logging between 6-7kts SOG into the wind and waves with the old gust pushing her over on her ear! When we started the engine in the Precuil River we had logged 8.5nm in 1.25hrs. We motored up the river and dropped anchor at 1410hrs.

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