Photos from 2020 Season

From the middle of September to the end of February it had rained nearly non-stop, Elektra was looking very green in January.
Early in February I scrubbed her bottom before she was pulled out for work ashore
End of Febuary Elektra being pulled out for work ashore
Out with the 36 year old Buhk DV20 in early March
New Yanmar 3YM20 fitted by local engineer in early March while I got on with other winter jobs
Elektra on a gale proof mooring though lockdown in April with no place to go!
Into May Elektra was ready but still not allowed to go sailing
Early June, Elektra is having cockpit enclosure patterned
Late June, Elektra gets out to her seasonal mooring
July first sailing
August, social distancing holiday
September another holiday aboard, Elektra seen here in Looe
October back onto her gale proof mooring in Carne creek
November Elektra is pulled out for the winter to do jobs ashore just before 2nd lockdown
December ashore ready to start work

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