Summing up for the 2020 Season

The 2019-20 winter was stormy and wet so no winter work was done until Elektra came out of the water at the end of February to have her 36 year old Buhk DV20 diesel engine replaced with a modern Yanmar 3YM20. While she was out I washed, polished and anti-fouled her. Also fitted her new davitt holders.

36 year old Buhk DV20 which was replaced
New Yanmar 3YM20

Elektra was on the boat yards trailer and they needed it back again by the middle of March to move other boats so Elektra was relaunched on the 10th. With her summer mooring not yet ready for use she was moved onto a gale proof mooring above the narrows until the beginning of April. But on the 23rd of March the UK went into lockdown because of Covid-19. Elektra had fallen between the cracks, she wasnt on her winter mooring or on her summer mooring, the rules seemed to suggest she could not be moved or worked on but as no one else was looking after her I countinued to look after her myself either by walking out at low water or rowing out at high water and doing a few jobs as needed. Here Elektra stayed there until a little while after the lifting of the lockdown on the 13th of May. Outdoor sports was then allowed including sailing but no staying aboard! Staying aboard was only allowed from the 4th of July when everyone was allowed to go on holiday wherever they liked! This was when Cornwall was opened up to holiday makers, we locals kept away from them as they had no idea of how to social distance. All though lockdown I had continued to work as my work needs to be done, normally we would be looking for a holiday by June but this wasnt allowed.

Elektra in Carne Creek on gale proof mooring 10th March-22nd May

Our first sail wasnt until the 24th of May as day sailing is difficuilt from our moorings avoiding bad weather and working the tides as we need to. Its much easier for us to sail eleswhere and avoid bad weather but this wasnt allowed until the 4th of July, we only managed 3 day sails before then.

Once Elektra was allowed to be put out on her seasonal mooring I was able to fit her dinghy davitts, these have proved to be very useful even more so this season when anchoring away from other yachts with Covid-19 to think about.

Our first weekend away was 10-12th of July when we sailed north to Turnaware for a Sadler Rally which I had suggested, it was a good turnout, 7-8 yachts a S26, S29, S34 plus another which turned up later 3xSL35s and a SL39. We had a social distancing Bar-B-Que on Turnaway beach which seemed to go very well.

Sadler owners bar-b-que on Turnaware beach

On the 20th of July Neal from Kernow Covers came and fitted Elektra’s new cockpit encloser. This had been ordered in November 2018 but a stay bar for the radar had to be moved and I didnt get it made and fitted until August 2019. From mid September until the lockdown it rained nearly non-stop, Neal only managed to take the template on the 10th of June this year. Vicki and I are very pleased with his work.

Neal finishing Elektra’s cockpit encloser

Another two weekends aboard followed before we took a weeks holiday over the 2nd week of August, followed by another weeks holiday over the first week of September, we would of had another holiday at the end of September but by then the wind and rain had started up again so that week turned into 3 days and this turned out to be our last sailing for 2020. But we had managed to visit Looe durring the September week, a place which had been on our list for more than 10 years.

Elektra in Looe

In October the windy weather stopped us going out and Elektra stayed in Carne Creek on a gale proof mooring. considering the poor start and ending to the season the numbers seem to show we did better than we thought. The season had been short but we had made best use of the time availible in between work comittments and we should be thankful as I know lots of owners never even got their yachts into the water this season due to Covid-19.

Elektra was pulled out for the winter in early November just before the 2nd lockdown, l have lots of on and under water line jobs to do before March.

Pulled out at St Anthony

The numbers are, days aboard lost to lockdown(1st Api-13th May) is 15. Plus days lost to not being allowed to stay aboard (13th May-4th July) is 14. Days we were aboard are 38 of which we sailed for 25 of them. Nights aboard are 27 of which 22 were at anchor. The new engine only did 16hrs (yearly aveage 44) and we only logged 265nm (aveage 500nm).

Elektra on St Anthony beach

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