Winter work begins in December

One of the jobs was to service the heads out Blake’s stop valve, was stuck solid in open position for 18 months. I needed to remove the heads just to get at the valve. The value proved to be very stubborn to shift, many days of spraying WD40 and tapping inside with a hammer and out with a large dowel and hammer. In the end success, servicing was the easy part. I decided a new heads would be a good idea and Vicki said l can have as Christmas present. Vicki said l hope you enjoy your present, l said l expect l will go thought the motions!

Another job was rain water leaking and collecting under the engine, l thought it may have been the cockpit drains but having spent loads of time removing and replacing both pipes, made no difference to the water collecting under the engine. We had fitted a new electric bilge pump back in March which kept the level down but no skipper likes water getting into the boat! At least that was another on or under the water line ticked off the list.

Not a bad place to have Elektra for the winter, lovely on the nice days sitting eating lunch looking at the view.

Work continues, l was down there today checking her before strong winds forecast coming in tonight.

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