Nearing Launch Date

Having anti-fouled, cleaned and polished Elektra, her engine had been serviced by fitter and over the weekend 20-21st March I bent on her sails again, fitted her sprayhood and dodgers, filled the water tank and check the pump was working, she started to look ready to launch but there were still jobs to do.

Elektra nearly ready

We had been given a launch date of the 1st April but talking to David who was meant to have his yacht launched two days before us, he didnt think he would be ready and asked if I mind changing dates with him. I was quite happy to as Elektra was nearly ready. So talking to Anthony the yard boss he agreed and gave us Monday 29th March for launch weather permitting..

Today I pumped up her tender, serviced and run up the outboard.

Just a few more jobs needed before launch, fit new water filter cartage, top up the diesel tank and clean her cabins, that’s this weekends jobs.

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