Launch Day

We had been given 29th March for Elektra’s launch day, I had to work but had gone to St Anthony with our punt before work. Anthony the yards boss came over to talk, it seemed his tractor driver was off until the 31st, so our date was pushed on a little. I wasn’t worried, would allow me to get on with my work. After work I had a buzz around Gillan Harbour in the punt to check the outboard was working well, it was nice to be on the water even in the punt.

At Sailaway, St Anthony launching boats is a little basic and one launch every other day is about as fast as they can go. With the tide and the weather to also think about, its a good job they dont have too many to launch each season.

The first thing they need to do is lift the yacht and slide the trailer in under, chatting with the yard guys they were telling me as Elektra was the first going in, all the stuff needed had to be found from where it had been stored in the winter. Almost 2.5 days later Elektra was ready to pull down the beach to float off on the next tide, I was thinking around 1700hrs. Now 1300hrs I headed home (2 miles) for lunch and to agree a time for Vicki to come help with launch. In the afternoon, I went back to see how things were going.

It was a lovely day and I found myself a nice sunny spot out of the light wind to wait for the tide. To hear the sounds of other owners getting their yachts ready water was also lovely. Vicki arrived at the agreed time but Elektra was still dry so we sat a bit longer together in the sunshine. The tide was running in quick now and we were soon paddling out to Elektra in the punt.

Once aboard we could start her engine and wait to float off, didnt take very long, I pulled her off using a stern line and walking forward to the bow, once clear of the other lines I dropped it by the mooring buoy as we slipped by, allowing Vicki to put the engine in forward and turn to sea.

The forecast was for strong east wind which Gillan Harbour is exposed to the full force of the English Channel, the only way to keep her safe is to move her above the narrows into Carne Creek. On floating off the tide wasn’t high enough so we decided to motor around the Dennis Head into Helford River and check her out. After an hour we motored back into Gillan and up into Carne Creek to moor her having logged 5.5nm.

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