Another sail

Friday 9th April

With strong northeast in the forecast for Saturday and more east wing forecasted for Wednesday-Friday we needed to move Elektra back up in Carne Creek.

High water wasn’t until 1700hrs so we decided to take Elektra out for another sail, we wouldn’t be able to leave St Anthony until the tide was coming in again at 1330hrs. Vicki had found more stuff which needed to go back aboard to we had a full dinghy as we headed out to Elektra. Out on Elektra Vicki got on with jobs in the cabin while I got Elektra ready to leave her mooring. When we dropped the mooring it was 1420hrs, there seemed very little wind so Vicki put on some power and we started to motor towards Falmouth. Seeing a fishing boat way off (0.5nm) coming from starboard, I told Vicki he was the stand-on so you better pass stern of him. I went down to write in the log, Vicki hadn’t taken any notice of what I said, I glanced out of the window above the chart table to see the boat just 4-5 boat lenghts away coming in from starboard, I am glad to say he passed behind us but I wasn’t happy.

After that the wind picked up and we could sail at 3-3.5kts, the wind seemed to be southeast and it was a little on the chilly side, Vicki wasn’t very warm so I took over the helm. The bunkering tanker had just left a ship out in the bay and was heading in possibly to anchor, way off to starboard(1nm) she went out of sight behind a big anchored gas tanker, when he came into sight again she had slowed. She gently turned to port and passing behind the gas tanker and behind us to drop anchor as I had thought.

Time was was 1530hrs and we needed to be back in Gillan before 1700hrs so we turned around. the wind had been in the southeast but now it seemed to be blowing from the southwest! The crossing tack was due west but we soon changed to the making tack which was due south, we were heading for the Nare Point and the wind was bitter. The sailing was great, now logging 4.5-5kts but we were both starting to feel the cold, so before we got to the Nare we turned and motored into the wind, rolling the genoa and lowering the main, with the engine going I started the cabin heater and by the time we had moored Elektra up again the the cabin was nice and warm. Vicki put the kettle on and we had a hot chocolate.

Now warmer we started Elektra’s engine again and motored her up into Carne Creek and onto her gale proof mooring. The updated forecast wasn’t looking as bad for Saturday and Sunday but the wind was still looking like turning into the east from Wednesday for a few days. (I know we live close to where Elektra is moored but moving her isn’t a quick job so sometimes it’s easier to move her when aboard)

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