A chance of a few days aboard

Friday 16th April

Work was slow because of the cold and dry. I suggested a few days away on Elektra to Vicki and she was willing. Plans were made and it looked like we would need to move Elektra out of Carne creek early Friday morning so l suggested staying aboard Thursday night. The plan was agreed and so we arrived down at St Anthony with my pick up full of stuff to go aboard, l moved the dinghy down to the shore and we filled the first load. Vicki climbed in and l pushed off from the shore and started the engine, the east wind was making St Anthony a little lumpy over to the narrows but once inside Carne creek it was calm. Tide was rushing in though the narrows at about 3kts but the creek was still quite shallow, as it turned out to shallow for the outboard motor but we did get to Elektra in the end.

Vicki climbed aboard l past the the stores aboard and left Vicki to go back for another load. At the narrows the 3.3hp outboard was only just able to make ground over the tide. Back at the beach l load up again and head back to Elektra, this time Elektra was nearly afloat, l past aboard another load and headed back for the last load. Back again with 25lts of water and the rest of the supplies Elektra was now floating.

My next job was to top up the water tank. Followed by another trip in the dinghy with empty bags and water can, l moved the pick up to the car park and headed back to Elektra for the last time. Vicki had just about finished stowing the stores.

After lifting the outboard aboard and pulling the dinghy onto her davits we retired below with the cabin heater running, then followed a very cold night.

Next morning (Friday) with ice on the decks l started the engine and the cabin heater to warm the boat up again. Elektra was floating so no time was lost getting her ready to leave the mooring. With lots of layers on l dropped the mooring and Vicki motored Elektra slowly out of Carne creek and into Gillan which was lumpy because of the east wind, l pulled up the main and we headed out into Falmouth Bay.

Easterly force 4-5 and cold with it, we sailed across the bay at 4-6kts SOG. It was nice to be sailing but with it being so cold we were glad to get to St Mawes and start motoring up the river. At 1030hrs we dropped anchor and got the cockpit enclosure out and put it up. Vicki cooked brunch and the temperature of the enclosure started to rise, getting to 30c before we had to vent a little heat.

At anchor in the Precuil river

I had a little stainless to polish so after eating l got on with it, Vicki read her book. Once finished with the polishing l came back aboard and fell asleep in the sun. What are holidays for? R&R!

Looking southwest from anchorage, St Mawes in the distance

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