A few days of boat jobs and making list of things forgotten.

On Saturday and Sunday having found a quiet anchorage there were a few jobs which needed doing just to get Elektra ready for the cruising season.

We do this every year, a few days away close to home to check things are working as they should and also find out what has been forgotten!…… On the list this season were T-towels, CDs, mats, bottled drinking water for soft drinks. Vicki said the water was tasting funny, l had changed the filter and tea and coffee tasted fine. The FM radio wasn’t working, thinking of getting a 12 volt smart speaker.

One year we arrived in an anchorage to find we had no way to light up the stove to cook dinner because the gas clicker had gone wrong. I rowed over to another anchored yacht to borrow a box of matches. Next day l managed to fix the clicker but we never sailed again without matches.

On Sunday we went down to St Mawes for some shopping in the dinghy and had our first ice cream. The weather was bright and sunny but there was still a chill in the air.

St Mawes Harbour

On Monday having looked at the weather forecast and the tides for the coming week, we decided to head back to Gillan and up into Carne creek before the neep tides stopped us. The forecast was for strong easterly winds from mid day on Wednesday but the tides were going to be to low to get Elektra onto her storm proof mooring. As it happened just as well we did before we could pick up the mooring in Carne creek Elektra grounded and then followed 20-30mins of attaching and pulling on lines to get her onto the mooring.

On the good side we did have a wonderful sail across Falmouth Bay logged 5.5-6kts most of the way, the GPS said max speed was 6.8kts.

Crossing Falmouth Bay

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