Channels creek to Gillan

What a wonderful morning, l paddled around in the dinghy to get a few photos.

After a late fry up we picked up Elektra’s anchor and started motoring south. One of the alarms started going off and l had a problem on the fore deck, needing a tool l went back to the cabin to turn the alarm off.

My problem sorted l could then look to see what the alarm was about, l think l got the tail end of a VHF dfc life boat call out. Next minute the AIS alarm is going off, l when into the cabin and turned the alarm off! Good bit of kit but l don’t need alarms going off all the time especially in crowded waters during clear visibility!

With no wind we continued to motor south and out into Falmouth Bay thinking we would be able to sail from there but it wasn’t to be. The wind did pick up halfway across the bay but by that time we just continued to motor sail arriving in Gillan Harbour 1.75hrs later having logged 8nm.

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