Last sail of April

Friday 30th April

After thinking we had had our last sail the weather looked good for a nice weekend. In the morning l had been to Helston to the dentist and for a hair cut. Arriving home late morning l said to Vicki l think we will regret not going sailing this weekend, Vicki’s reply was we are! We needed to leave St Anthony by 1230 at the latest due to a falling tide. So we quickly packed up and were on the road with in an hour.

At St Anthony we loaded the dinghy and just as we left the beach it started raining! Now being in dinghy when it’s raining is about the worse place to be without water proofs. Arriving out at Elektra Vicki quickly climbed aboard and passed up the stores before getting aboard also. With a hot Cornish Pastries to eat for lunch that was what we did next until the rain stopped.

Elektra on her seasonal mooring

After the rain stopped we got busy getting Elektra ready to leave the mooring. Vicki stowing the gear and stores and me lifting off the outboard and pulling the dinghy onto it’s davits. Zipping back the sail cover and attaching the halyard before getting the mooring ready to drop. Switching on the electrics and starting the engine.

Once ready l dropped the mooring and Vicki motored Elektra out of Gillan Harbour into the wind as l pulled up the mainsail. Once turned and heading for Falmouth l stopped the engine and set the genoa. Sailing was slow but we weren’t in any hurry so we sailed on at 2-3kts. Into Carrick Roads we needed to use the deep channel because it was just after low water. Most of the way across Falmouth Bay the wind had been behind us then when we wanted to sail up the channel we had a head wind! We started the engine and motored, arriving at Channels creek 3hrs after leaving Gillan having only logged 9.5nm.

Anchored in Channels creek

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