Chance of more time aboard

Saturday 10th July

Having come back from Scilly last Friday and then worked 7 days to catch up with my jobs, l felt it was time to get back aboard. The HW tide time was early but l had stuff to pick up at 1000hrs, by the time we got to St Anthony the water was going fast, we loaded the dinghy, Vicki walked down to the point and l rowed the dinghy out to her in about 18ins of water.

I picked up Vicki at the point where it was deep enough to use the outboard and we motored out to Elektra. Vicki climbed aboard and l passed up the stores and kit. Vicki opened the cabin and stowed everything while l lifted the outboard onto the rail and got the dinghy onto her davits. I set about getting Elektra ready to leave.

I dropped the mooring and Vicki motored Elektra out of Gillan, l set all the sail and we speàd off at 2kts! I would have continued to sail if it hadn’t started to rain with the GPS telling us it was going to take 1.5hours to cross the 3nm of Falmouth Bay. So on went the engine and we motored again.

Arriving in the Precuil River at 1300hrs having logged 6.5nm, dropped anchor and put up the cockpit enclosure before sitting down to have lunch.

After lunch l went to sleep, must have for 4hrs or so because it was nearing HW when I awoke.

An evening playing scrabble followed listening to music and a good 10hrs of night time sleep. I always sleep well aboard.

In the morning it was tipping down with rain, then followed a lazy day of reading and catching up with Facebook on Sunday with the rain continuing into another game on Scrabble and music in the evening to avoid the football.

On Monday we awoke to blue skies and sunshine, after brunch l rowed the dinghy to the shore and tipped out the rainwater, arrived back l refitted the outboard and we headed off to St Mawes for a few bits of shopping and a ice cream. It was only as we were heading into the beach at St Mawes when Vicki said she had left the Covid masks on Elektra! Another pack of masks and some shopping and a short walk for ice creams. We sat on the steps watching the goings on in the harbour eating ice cream until we were ready to leave.

Back at Elektra, we had a few chores to do before we could enjoy the weather. It clouded up a bit in the afternoon but we could still enjoy the kids learning to sail from the local sailing school. With work on Wednesday planned for this was our last day for just enjoying being aboard, we needed to sail home tomorrow.

On Tuesday there wasn’t any hurry to get back so after a lazy cooked brunch we weighted at 1300hrs. We were unsure how much sail we needed so motored Elektra down to St Mawes. We decided full main would be OK so set full sail and turned for Gillan, in the NW force 4 we were soon logging 6.7-6.9kts SOG. It was a great sail but over so quickly, we sailed right on to Elektra’s swing mooring. We did the 6.5nm in 1.25hrs.

Fast passage home

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