Heat wave

Friday 16th July

Early in the morning l went up to our local garage for diesel to refill Elektra’s tank after we motored to and from Scilly. On my return l also filled 2 25lts cans of water and set off down to Elektra to fill her tanks.

On my return from Elektra around 1030hrs l showered, changed and went off to get a takeaway.

Around midday we were ready, we needed to leave St Anthony beach before 1400hrs. Out at Elektra again the temperature was rising, we stowed the gear and stores and then sat in the cockpit eating the takeaway looking out at Falmouth Bay like a mill pond. It looked like we would have to motor and after motoring to and from Scilly we didn’t fancy it. So we stayed on the mooring and enjoyed the surroundings. In the evening we motored into Flushing Cove for a quieter night

As it turned out, not as quite as expected partly due to visitors moving around in RIBs at 2330hrs and also around low water 0600hrs the next morning Elektra bounced around on the bottom in the slight east swells.

On Saturday at high water we motored Elektra up into Carne Creek and onto her gale proof mooring and a better night. There is a forecast of strong east winds from Wednesday and l would be too busy at work to move her then. Before the tide started going out we went via dinghy out to the cove just west of Nare Point exploring and a little more around the Dennis Head, before enjoying an ice cream from Sailaway on our way back. Elektra was already aground when we arrived back to enjoy the rest of the afternoon, evening.

In some ways Carne Creek is a lovely quiet spot to get away from the madding crowd, to ourselves when the tide is out (6hrs) and interesting as the tide floods back which brings the paddle boarders, kayakers and odd small boat. Here it is tranquil at low water watching the wadding birds and away from the visitors RIBS wash in Gillan Harbour.

On Sunday we enjoyed the weather some more until 1500hrs when we had to leave Elektra on the falling tide. Elektra had been more caravan like this weekend than ever before but boats and yachts are about enjoyment and we had!

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