Sailing at last!

The weather looked good for the weekend but I had some work to do for Mum on Friday.

Saturday July 31st

With the high tide being just before 11am, there wasn’t any hurry to leave and we went aboard about 1030hrs, stowed the gear and stores and got Elektra ready to leave.

We cast off at 1205hrs and set just the genoa, the forcast being W4-5, we soon realised more sail would have been better. But with the wind being more like SW4, we thought the mainsail would take the genoas wind so just continued as we were. We sailed NNE across Falmouth Bay and north up the Carrick Roads and dropped anchor in Channels Creek at 1420hrs having logged 9nm.

Looking like rain we quickly put up the cockpit encloser and settled down with a hot drink, it wasn’t long before I was fast asleep! Being aboard helps me relax and sleep seems so easy.

3 thoughts on “Sailing at last!

  1. Hello! Just came across your blog and am enjoying reading about your adventures with Elektra! What a lovely sailboat she is! I wasn’t familiar with the Sadler sailboats until learning of Elektra — they sound like fabulous sailing vessels! I totally know exactly what you mean about sleeping well on the boat — I feel the same way! It’a comforting and peaceful! Happy sails!


      1. Thank you for your reply to my comment on your post! I think it’s wonderful that you’re chronicling your journeys with Elektra! I’m enjoying reading your posts very much! It sounds like you have many interesting places to sail with Elektra! Happy sailing! ~ Chelle and SV Sunflower (Sunny)


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