Winter off!

Around October of last year I mentioned to Vicki about fitting a new kitchen at home at sometime. With in a week kitchen catalogs apeared, opps! I must been thinking out lowd, I didnt mean now!

With grass cutting continuing up to the end of November (the year had been a month behind ever since May). Winter work started later and with Mums house getting ready to sell and then selling quickly! We were very quickly at Christmas with no work done on Elektra yet. Then I had put aside the first 2 weeks of January to fit the new kitchen, 2! I should have allowed 4 weeks, it seemed we were 2 weeks finishing off!

Now nearing the end of February I think I have only been aboard Elektra 3 times since she was pulled out for the winter in October. Without much cold weather the grass has continued to grow, now with it all needing another cut before the spring, I am going to be busy into March which I normally use to get Elektra ready for the season.

Roll on summer, I might get some time off!

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