Rush job getting Elektra ready.

We had been given the 1st of April for Elektra’s launch date but it was the 10th of March before I even started getting some winter jobs done. Still busy at work, it wasn’t until the 24th before I could really get on with the jobs. With a few finishing up jobs on the 27th, Elektra was ready for launch. The next 4 days I was back busy at work.

When Friday arrived the boat yard wasn’t ready so pushed the launch to Tuesday 5th, leaving me another weekend for jobs. But I only managed to find time on Sunday to do some more.

Elektra finally was launched on Wednesday, being busy working then she was put on their waiting mooring and l moved her into Carne Creek on Thursday morning. I set 3 anchors fore and aft though the next 2 days of strong south-westerly winds and by the weekend she was neeped until the following Wednesday. With strong southeast winds forecasted for Sunday and Monday, l was very happy she wouldn’t float.

On Saturday Vicki and l when out to her for cabin cleaning and a few other jobs. More cleaning jobs on Sunday and she will be ready to load gear.

Neeped Saturday to Wednesday

2 thoughts on “Rush job getting Elektra ready.

  1. I am so excited for you and Vicki!!! What wonderful news to have Elektra launched! We are getting closer to launch day, here, as well! Fair winds and looking forward to reading about your adventures this sailing season! ~ Chelle


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