Barn Pool to Salcombe

Elektra in Barn Pool

On Monday we set off for Salcombe. The tidal stream wasn’t going east until 1155hrs, so l pulled the anchor up at 1110hrs and we motored Elektra out of Barn Pool, though the Bridge, across Plymouth Sound and out past East end of the breakwater and on to our way point off the Mew Stone. Motoring on glassy smooth sea. Once off the Mew Stone l did try to sail but gave up 1/2hr later. Motoring ESE towards Bolt Head we had a Royal Navy escort for a short while until the wind filled in a bit and we could sail slowly. We also saw Ken Endean’s yacht heading our way but  a little more inshore of us, l would have loved a chat as l am a big fan of his writing.(pilot books).

Royal Navy escort

The wind was off and on all across Bigbury Bay, a little sailing then no wind and the same again on repeat. Once we arrived at Bolt Tail the wind picked up on the nose (l should have sailed from here) but thinking we were nearly there continued motoring, would have been great sailing. Once we passed my Bolt Head way point we turned onto a better heading and were motor sailing, turning north into Salcombe pushed our SOG over 8kts. We turned into wind and l lowered the main just before crossing Salcombe Bar at 1510hrs. Now in a long line of yachts heading into Salcombe, speed slowed as skipper’s tried to find a mooring, when l could l took my chance to pass them as we were heading up river to anchor. This was Salcombe Yacht Clubs regatta week so lots of racing sailing dinghies heading south to dodge! We finally dropped anchor off Frogmore Creek at 1545hrs having logged 22nm

Sunsets in Frogmore Creek

As we were on holiday, we stayed here at anchor in Frogmore Creek for 2 more rest days, visiting Kingsbridge by dinghy to the north on Tuesday and Salcombe Town on Wednesday, returning from the Town Vicki suggested going up Frogmore Creek so we passed Elektra at anchor and continued into the creek, the tide was running in west and the wind was blowing from the east so we got quite wet in the spray. It didn’t seem quite as good an idea but the head of the creek was lovely, a quick scout to find were the pub was for another time. Then we headed back down to Elektra, then it happened, yes you guessed it the outboard ran out of fuel! I had topped up the tank in morning before going to Salcombe, the motor only holds a litre which does about 5nm. Have you ever tried to row one of these inflatables any distance? Vicki had to go and sit on the bow to give me room, l am glad to say we were getting blown in the general direction we want to go. All l needed to do was row us away from the lee shore and once nearer to Elektra towards her so we didn’t get blown passed. Once back l could rest again, all part of the joy of boating!


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