Salcombe to Yealm

On Wednesday after our dinghy problems (see last post) l booked a table at the Ship Inn in the Yealm River for Thursday evening, luckily this was the last available table.

The forecast for Thursday was NE force 4-5 / E force 4 later which would be good for going west-southwest to the Yealm River. I pulled up the anchor at 0900hrs which was very well dug in and a bit of a mess to clear up after stowing in locker, Vicki motored Elektra slowly in the direction of Salcombe  entrance, the out going tide was adding to her SOG of 5kts.

Rounding the Mew Stone off Salcombe at 0930hrs, l set just the genoa for what would be according to forecast a run down wind. As soon as the sail was set the SOG was 7kts, then 8kts, then followed a fast but short lived sail for 1.5hrs which we covered over 10nm. One out into Bigbury Bay the speed dropped off and we started motoring at 1110hrs Motoring into the Yealm River Entrance, now low water only 0.2 under the keel in the channel so going very slowly. We dropped anchor in Cellars Cove at 1230hrs just outside the river moorings having logged 18nm, another hot day, we had been very lucky with the weather all week. In the evening we were able to use the dinghy to get all the way to the pub for evening meal. The Ship Inn meal was always on our list every time we went east but in resent years we haven’t been, first meal there since 2018, just as good. Back to Elektra we had another wonderful sunset to finish the day.


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