Not another holiday!

After out last holiday I had spent the next 10 days mainly only looking for work, over the last 54 days we had only 23mm of rain along with some of the hotest days on record. So I suggested to Vicki we had another holiday.

Gorren Haven

So on Friday 26th of August we set off from Gillan aboard Elektra for another holiday. The weather forecast of NW force3-4 looked good for our sail in a NE direction up to Gorran Haven to get Fish&Chips for dinner. We cast off at 1545hrs, what followed was our best sail of the season so far, we covered the first 12nm in less than 2hrs before reefing the main and genoa. Once up to the Dodman Point progress slowed and we dropped anchor in Gorran Haven at 1815hrs having logged 16nm. Into the Haven for Fish&Chips (we think the best in Cornwall). At 2000hrs we were back aboard and motoring east and then north to Polgwyn Cove for a quite night at anchor, dropping at 2045hrs having logged 20nm total, we had got quite cold in the chilly north wind and had started up the cabin heater.

Polgwyn Cove

On Saturday 27th we motored Elektra out of Polgwyn Cove at 1040hrs and headed for Fowey, the forecast was for strong east winds in the comming days. We thought a few days in port on a mooring wouldn’t be a bad thing. We picked up a mooring in Fowey at 1150hrs having logged 6nm motoring in no wind. We stayed in Fowey for 3 nights having meals ashore each day (we dont often eat ashore) we were on holiday. While I was in Fowey so long, I managed to walk out to the Day Mark which I have sailed passed so many times but never seen close up.

Fowey sunset
Day Mark

On Tuesday 30th after a few days of strong easterly winds we cast off with a forecast of east force4-6 with east-southeast force 4 later. With the wind over the last few days we expected there to be a big swell running. I pulled up the up the main which still had a reef in it and we motored out of Fowey, there didn’t seem much wind and I shock out the reef, we motored Elektra out to Cannis Buoy at 1110hrs and set all the genoa before turning off the engine for the sail southwest to the Falmouth area. It was good sailing across St Austell Bay to the Dodman Point but from there with the incressing swell from the east, I lowered the main (we find the main takes the genoas wind when almost running) passing the Dodman Point and turning more west-southwest. We were glad when we sailed in past St Anthony Lighthouse and shelter at 1455hrs having logged 19.5nm. We motored up the Precuil River and dropped anchor at 1520hrs having logged 22nm

Fowey entrance looking east from Gibbin Head

There in our favorite anchorage we stayed for for 3 more nights, the next day we rested. On Thursday we went into St Mawes and had lunch at the Victory Inn. The good weather was forecasted to come to an end on Friday or Saturday. We didn’t want to get wet so made plans to go home on Friday. So on Friday 2nd September we motored Elektra back down the Precuil River and out south-southwest across Falmouth Bay to Gillan in no wind. We had been aboard for 8 days and only logged 54nm but we had a holiday and now it’s started raining again I expect I will start to get busy!

Precuil River

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