Sailing again

After getting back from our holiday it rained for a week which meant my work took almost 7 days to finish. Then another week with the grass growing fast and more rain meant no sailing for most of September.

Elektra on mooring

It was Friday 23rd before we got out for another sail. We couldn’t get aboard 1330hrs due to the tide. The weather forecast was for northerly force4 gusting 5. Elektra was bucking up and down on her mooring when we arrived out to her which meant difficulties getting the outboard off punt and aboard Elektra and also the punt onto it’s davits. Once done we didn’t want to stay there long and cast off at 1500hrs with 2 reefs in mainsail we motored out and set half the genoa before stopping engine. We were heading north into wind. The conditions always look worse heading into wind but by the way Elektra was handling we felt sure the wind was north east force5 gusting 6.

Heading northeast into northerly wind

Our first tack was almost due east, when we tacked we went northwest! Before tacking again in a northeast direction, now the wind had shifted and was blowing from the north. That tack took us over to St Anthony lighthouse before we tacked again towards Pendennis Point. The next tack was northeast towards St Mawes Castle. The west to Falmouth Harbour breakwater. Next tack was right into St Just in Roseland, just south of the moorings we tacked and headed over to Mylor. We almost made it past north of Mylor moorings but had to tack again, this time over to the west shore again about a 1.5nm north of St Just at which point we started the engine and motored around Turnaware buoy and up the Fal River and dropped anchor in good shelter off Cowslands Creek having logged 13.5nm in 2.75hrs

Looking east along the Fal River from anchorage
Elektra on Malpas pontoon

On Saturday we motored north to Malpas pontoon because l had booked a meal in the evening at the Heron Inn.

Walk ashore pontoon for £25 for 24hrs, £6 for 2hrs


One thought on “Sailing again

  1. Sounds like a great time! How soon before you haul Elektra out for the season? We are hauling Sunny out this weekend. I am not happy about it, but I will have lots of boat projects to keep me busy this fall and winter. Fair winds, ~ Chelle


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