Summing up for 2022 Season

Elektra had been launched after a rush 4 days to get the jobs done on April 5th but she wasn’t ready to sail. It took most of April to load the stuff needed to go cruising and I only managed one day sail alone during April logging 11nm.

Still not ready in May we only managed one weekend away (to find out what we had forgotten).

Elektra off Fowey entrance at the SSOA rally

It was the beginning of June before we managed to do much sailing at all, out most weekends and a week long holiday at the end of the month which turned out to be wet and windy! We logged 130nm in June.

It was July before the real summer weather started and with it the dry slowed the grass so I could have another holiday, this month we logged 97nm.

Heading east

But by August the dry weather had stopped the grass altogether and we were able to get away for 2x 10 day holidays, the first of which allowed us the time to sail east to Salcombe. With this fantastic weather we also had good winds, which don’t often go to together. The 2nd holiday we just sailed around our local area and managed to log 197nm in August.

At anchor in Salcombe

With September came the rain and we only managed one weekend away.

Last weekend aboard, at Malpas

I only managed 2 day sails in October and Elektra was pulled out for the winter on the 28th.

The numbers are, we were aboard 62 days, 45 nights, 34 of the nights at anchor. We sailed 36 days logging 513nm which isn’t much but better than any one of the last 3 seasons.


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