Photos from 2022

January waiting to start work
February still waiting to start work
March after a rushed 4 days to get Elektra ready for the season
April, mooring safe in Carne Creek from the East winds
May, Elektra makes it onto her seasonal mooring but we only manage one weekend away
Early June Elektra seen here at the SSOA SW rally off Fowey entrance.
Late June our first holiday, Elektra seen here sheltered from the SW gale at anchor in Gillan Harbour
July, our second holiday heading east with good winds off the land 😀
July, anchored off Frogmore Creek in Salcombe
August, our 3rd holiday in Fowey, the weather had been fabulous though July and August
September, we only managed one weekend aboard Elektra, seen here and Malpas
October, after just 2 day sails Elektra was pulled out for the winter for work ashore
November, old solar gantry removed ready for new. And rudder removed for repair.
December, new winter cockpit cover fitted, zipped into old spray hood

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