Launch and Riggers

Elektra’s relaunch date had been set for the 4th of April but on the 3rd the boss of the boat yard go in contact to say it was delayed by a day due to a problem with another boat which was now on their trailer. Most of the launch day was fine but rain started just before Elektra floated off the trailer and came down heavy as I was motoring her out to her swing mooring. I managed to hook the buoy first go and pulled the mooring strop aboard. Then the normal checks followed looking for leaks but hoping not to find any, all looked good and locked up and left in the dinghy back to shore.

The next day I had to work, but I planed to use Good Friday to clean some more and a few jobs aboard. This is what happened and on the evening tide I dropped her swing mooring and motored Elektra up river to her gale proof trot mooring in Carne Creek due to a forecast of east wind on Saturday (Elektra’s seasonal swing mooring is open to the full force on the English Channel when the wind is from the east). On Saturday I had to work again.

I had been in contact with Matt from “Allspars” of Penryn for work on Elektra’s mast before she had been launched. Matt had contacted me again earlier in the week to say they could have the mast craned on Tuesday 11th of April but had got back to me again just before the Easter holidays to say the weather wasn’t looking good for Tuesday and he would let me decide to come or not. As Easter holiday weekend passed I could see the only day which was possible was Sunday. I wasn’t able to contact Matt to ask if this was ok but decided to motor Elektra over anyway.

I contacted my sailing friend Robert who owns a Sadler 34 which is ashore in the boat yard next to “Allspars” to ask if he could take a photo of the fishing boat, so I knew what l was dealing with and would he be able to take my lines on arrival. Robert kindly took some photos and suggested it would be a good idea to look first.

So on Sunday early I moved Elektra from her gale proof mooring in Carne creek to her swing mooring in Gillan Harbour before returning home for breakfast. Then l drove the 16miles to Penryn in about 40mins to check out for myself, 2hrs had passed before l got home again. By which time l needed to get out to Elektra again to motor her the 7.5nm which would take 1.5hrs to Penryn. After mooring Elektra up to the fishing boat and setting some weights on the springs with the help of Robert, l could leave for home as Vicki was waiting to pick me up.

Matt contacted me early on Tuesday to say they had arranged mast lift for 0930hrs, l replied to say l was driving over and would be there around 0800hrs. When l arrived there wasn’t anywhere to park and an artic was waiting to load a yacht and needed to turn around first. Matt said they could do it all, so l handed over Elektra’s keys and left them to it.

I then drove down to the outboard repair shop and dropped off my outboard for punt which had developed a gearbox problem after only a few uses this season. I have a spare outboard but it hadn’t been started for 3.5 years, l didn’t know how good it was. I needn’t of worried as it started on the 3rd pull having been laid up properly after it’s last use.

Matt emailed later on Tuesday to say Elektra’s mast was down and they were getting on with the jobs. With updates over what can only be described as atrocious weather, heavy rain and gales. Matt then emailed me again on Thursday to say all was done and the mast was back on Elektra and she is ready to go. The jobs had been new top of mast sleeves, new steaming light, new dusk/dawn anchor light bulb, re-run topping lift, refit wind index, new back stay tensioner and wash under side of spreaders. On Saturday after another day of strong winds l motored Elektra back to her mooring in Gillan. There in the afternoon l bent on her new set of sails for the first time, Elektra was now ready to go sailing ⛵.

Ready to go sailing


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